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Cut green Manures: a novel approach to soil fertilization

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Cut green manures: innovative answer to nutrient management regulations

Cut green manures such as grass-clover and alfalfa are good soil fertilizers. They have favourable N to P ratios, are easily applied, and have a predictable nitrogen activity. Given the new, stricter nutrient management regulations – which require organic farmers to exclusively use manures from organic production – cut green manures offer an innovative alternative to animal manure. Their use is currently being tested in the Noordoostpolder and Friesland. More information about the field experiments in the Noordoostpolder can be found in the report  Stikstofvoorziening uit Maaimeststoffen (in Dutch). Cut green manures also play a central role in the project Plantyorganic.

Green manures: would they work for you?

With the 'Green Manures Calculator' on the right you can determine whether green manures would work in your farming system. You can enter farm-specific parameters and compare the use of cut green manures and animal manures. The calculator instantly shows whether green manures are a profitable solution for your farm.

Results from field experiments

In the past years the Louis Bolk Institute has carried out several field experiments with cut green manures. Please visit our database for relevant publications. The most recent publications are Toepassing van Maaimeststoffen (2011, in Dutch) and PlantyOrganic: Design and results (2012, in English).

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