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New plant varieties for a sustainable agriculture

The most important reason to develop new plant varieties is to make agriculture more sustainable, in Europe and elsewhere. That is why the Louis Bolk Institute has an extensive plant breeding programme. Our new and improved varieties enable organic growers to optimise their farming systems and close nutrient cycles. This way they contribute to a better environment.

Demand-driven research together with sector partners

Our research is driven directly by questions from the market. Our researchers use classical breeding methods to improve organic varieties. Their work helps to improve the baking quality of wheat varieties, and the disease resistance and taste of potato cultivars. Our demand-driven practical approach provides effective solutions for the urgent research questions raised by growers, commercial plant breeding companies, the Commodity Board for Arable Farming HPA, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Europe's leading authority on organic plant breeding

The organic agricultural sector cannot grow without further improvement of organic varieties. Our research and plant breeding programmes benefit growers and commercial breeding companies in large parts of Europe. Consumers also profit, as they can be assured of sustainable agricultural products grown from organic seed. Based on our longstanding expertise in organic agriculture and our knowledge of classical breeding methods and relevant legislation, we have become Europe's leading authority on organic plant breeding.

Clients and cases
Jan Velema, director of Vitalis, about the Louis Bolk Institute


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