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Tackling problems in pear and apple production

The Dutch network for organic fruit production is advised and coached by the Louis Bolk Institute and the Dutch DLV. Together the organic growers tackle current themes, discussing topics such as soil fertilization, trade, and the latest insights from scab research. They visit one another's farms to gain better insight into organic pear and apple production. Individual coaching is also part of the programme.

Many growers participate

Fruit growers from all regions of the Netherlands participate in the network. For example, the majority of organic pear growers have joined the working group for pear production. The Louis Bolk Institute and DLV make sure that new insights are effectively shared with the growers. This direct way of working together with growers is in our genes. Our research is also carried out in close collaboration with the growers: this is our participatory approach.

LBI actively involved in seven organic farmers networks

The Louis Bolk Institute is project leader of four organic farmers networks: Soil fertility, Greenhouse vegetable production, Bulb, flower, and ornamental plant production, and Goat and sheep dairy farming. Furthermore the Louis Bolk Institute participates in the networks for Arable farming, Field-scale vegetable production, Dairy farming, and Fruit production. These networks are funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
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