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Boosting innovation and quality

Organic farmers' networks play an important role in improving the organic sector. They allow farmers to work closely together with researchers and businesses, to boost innovation, enhance product quality, and improve entrepreneurial skills. The exchange of knowledge and experience is essential for linking theory and practice. The Louis Bolk Institute actively participates in the majority of Dutch organic farmers' networks. Each of these networks focuses on a specific theme or product.

Focussing on ecological and economic sustainability

We are actively involved in networks on soil fertility, greenhouse vegetable production, flower and bulb production, arable farming, and goat, poultry and dairy farming. The central objective of these thematic networks is to increase the ecological and economic sustainability of their sector. Farmers help us to identify relevant research themes, by sharing their practical experiences and problems. All networks are funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs through the umbrella network BioConnect. Results of organic sector related research are made publicly available through Biokennis.

Linking farmers, researchers and businesses

The Louis Bolk Institute has a unique position in the Dutch organic sector. Our relevant expertise, and close connections with organic farmers and businesses, enables us to bring researchers, farmers and businesses together. Our advisors bridge the gap between theory and practice, and between producers and markets. By helping farmers put new knowledge into practice, we enable them to improve their farming methods and deliver quality organic products to the market.
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