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The price of sustainability

In our view, economic analysis should always play a role in sustainability questions. New marketing concepts, sustainable land and water management services, innovative strategies for reducing soil phosphate levels no matter how innovative our research results and advice: implementation ultimately depends on economic feasibility.

Our systems approach leads to practical solutions

Partial solutions are not true solutions. That is why we take a systems approach to problem-solving. This means that we consider farming systems in their wider contexts. That we analyse, at various system levels, what changes are needed to make sustainable agriculture more profitable. Our systems approach enables us to provide directions and solutions that fit into the often complex reality. 'Making systems work' is what we do, and what our clients appreciate.

Research questions

Recycling phosphate from phosphate saturated soils? Implementing animal friendly production methods? Improving the economic basis of organic farming incentive programmes? Whatever the question, we provide a thorough cost benefit analysis that enables our clients to make conscious decisions on the if, when and how of their sustainability plans.


A Monte Carlo model for simulating insufficiently remunerating risk premium: case of market failure in organic farming
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