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The project 'Nothing but good about the crisis' (2012-2014) brought together policymakers, farmers, nature conservation organisations, water boards and citizens to establish new dialogues around climate change and biodiversity loss.

Raising awareness of environmental crises
As part of this project, Louis Bolk Institute researcher Sjef Staps interviewed 25 experts from science, industry, government and NGOs. These experts were asked to share their views on climate change and biodiversity loss, and on the attitude of society towards these pressing issues. The interviews were presented in the book Nothing but good about the crisis (2013).

Presentations, lectures and meetings
From 2013, Sjef Staps has been organizing workshops to elaborate the abovementioned themes with workshop participants, to raise climate change awareness among policymakers, and to explore possibilities for citizen actions. In the autumn of 2014 various master classes on the energy transition were held for Dutch government officials, in the context of the new Dutch Energy Act, which serves as a national climate agreement between provinces, regions, municipalities and NGOs.

For upcoming workshops and further information please visit: (in Dutch)