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Agriculture and nature conservation

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Agriculture versus nature conservation

Resolving the conflict of interest between agricultural production and nature conservation is not an easy task. Population growth leads to an increased demand for agricultural land. At the same time policy makers are asked to set targets for nature conservation and sustainable agriculture. Governments, farmers and nature conservation organisations face the difficult task of bringing conservation and agricultural objectives closer together.

Innovative farmers work with nature

Yet there are numerous opportunities for collaboration. Farmers and nature conservation organisations are working together to improve the ecological quality of field margins and natural areas. Innovative farmers use reed and grass cuttings from nature restoration projects for animal bedding and compost. The Louis Bolk Institute plays a central role in building these conservation partnerships. We focus on linking practical opportunities for nature conservation to economically viable, sustainable agricultural management.

Our systems approach

Biodiversity and soil management play key roles in both sustainable agriculture and nature conservation. Our longstanding expertise in these four areas enables us to find common ground between the interests of conservation organisations and farmers. Thanks to our systems approach we are able to develop immediately applicable solutions. Which are greatly appreciated by our clients.Clients and cases Marion Plagge Forester for Natuurmonumenten about the Louis Bolk Institute
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