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Burgt, G.J.H.M. van der. 2003. Use of the NDICEA model in analysing nitrogen efficiency. p. 242-243. In: 12th Nitrogen Workshop. Devon, UK. 21-24 September.

Number of pages: 2

ISBN/ISSN: 9076998434

Type of document: Conference Paper

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G.J.H.M. van der Burgt MSc.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Use of the NDICEA model in analysing nitrogen efficiency

Abstract / summary in English:

In organic arable farming, N management is a complicated matter. Farming systems based on solid manure application in late summer offer a particular challenge in meeting the crop N demand while maintaining low, acceptable levels of N losses. In order to meet these goals, a good understanding of the N dynamics is necessary. Modelling N dynamics can be of great help.