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Fuchs, J.G. and L. Janmaat. 2016. How growers can assess compost quality. p. 99-104. In Van der Wurff, A.W.G., J.G. Fuchs, M. Raviv and A.J. Termorshuizen. (ed.) Handbook for Composting and Compost Use in Organic Horticulture.

Number of pages: 6

Type of document: Book section

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Leen Janmaat BSc.

Language of document: English

Title in English: How growers can assess compost quality

Abstract / summary in English:

For the grower it is essential to choose the appropriate compost for the target application. A farmer can already acquire useful information about the compost quality using his own senses. Chemical analyses and biotests complete the information and allow the grower to evaluate and choose the right compost. A good relationship between compost producer and compost user is key to the successful implementation of compost in farming systems.

Keywords in English: compost, greenhouse, horticulture, assessment, quality
How growers can assess compost quality