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Beck, A., E. Cuoco, A.M. Häring, J. Kahl, C.J. Koopmans, C. Micheloni, B. Moeskops, U. Niggli, S. Padel and I.A. Rasmussen. 2014. Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Organic Food and Farming. TP Organics, Brussels. 60 p.

Number of pages: 60

Type of document: Brochure

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Chris J. Koopmans Ph.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Organic Food and Farming

Abstract / summary in English:

TP Organics is the European Technology Platform for organic food and farming, and for low-input agriculture. Established in 2008, it brings together small and medium-sized enterprises, larger companies, farmers, researchers, consumers and civil society organisations involved in the organic value chain from production, input and supply, to food processing, marketing and consumption. It identifies research and innovation needs and communicates them to policy-makers. The aim is to leverage the organic sector’s contribution to sustainable farming and food production. Since 2013, TP Organics is officially recognised by the European Commission as one of 40 European Technology Platforms (ETPs).

TP Organics published its first Strategic Research Agenda in 2009. This proved very successful, as about a third of the research questions identified gained funding through the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7) of the EU, or through transnational research programmes (ERA-Nets) and national research projects. With the end of the 7th Framework Programme and the start of the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, TP Organics decided to revise its research agenda. This new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda is the product of an intensive participatory process, which lasted for a year and a half and benefited from three consultations.

Keywords in English: european research agenda organic agriculture food, TP organics
Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Organic Food and Farming