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Kahl, J., G.J.H.M. van der Burgt, D. Kusche, S. Bügel, N. Busscher, E. Hallmann, U. Kretzschmar, A. Ploeger, E. Rembialkowska and M.A.S. Huber. 2010. Organic Food Claims in Europe. Food Technology. 03.10, p. 38-46.

Number of pages: 9

Type of document: Journal Article

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G.J.H.M. van der Burgt MSc.;
Machteld A.S. Huber, M.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Organic Food Claims in Europe

Abstract / summary in English:

Better regulatory guidelines, improved testing methods, and additional research into product quality criteria are needed to further develop the European organic food market.

Keywords in English: Organic food, health, product quality, product quality

Second language of document: Dutch
Status Dutch: Only bibliografic information

Titel in Nederlands: Gezondheidclaims biologische voeding in Europa

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

Betere richtlijnen en testmethoden, en meer onderzoek naar productkwaliteitscriteria zijn nodig om de Europese markt voor biologische voeding verder te ontwikkelen.

Trefwoorden in Nederlands: biologische voeding; gezondheid; product kwaliteit, voedselkwaliteit
Organic Food Claims in Europe