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Stanley, R., C. Knight and F. Bodnar. 2009. HACCP in organic agriculture: a practical guide. 98 p.

Number of pages: 98

Type of document: Book

Language of document: English

Title in English: HACCP in organic agriculture: a practical guide

Abstract / summary in English:

The focus of this manual is on primary production and the scope covers food safety issues, key product quality issues and organic integrity issues. the HACCP tchnique is demonstrated by the use of a number of case studies which have been developed as part of an EU integrated research project 'Quality Low Input Food'(QLIF). These are on apples, field vegetables, wheat, eggs, milk and pork meat.

Keywords in English: food safety, organic integrity, risk analysis, HACCP, organic primary production

Second language of document: Dutch
Status Dutch: Only bibliografic information
Trefwoorden in Nederlands: voedselveiligheid, biologische integriteit, risicoanalyse
HACCP in organic agriculture: a practical guide