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Elzakker, B. van. 2003. Export projects and local markets: Speech October 2003. 5 p.

Number of pages: 5

Type of document: Pamphlet / Brochure

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Bo van Elzakker BSc.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Export projects and local markets: Speech October 2003

Abstract / summary in English:

There are various donor co-funded schemes to develop organic exports. Most of them have a benevolent character and a continuous improvement of the farmers’ livelihood is guaranteed in one way or the other. There is as yet little movement on the local market where there is a lack of good product and of proper market(supplying) organisation. Invariably export initiatives start to co-operate as they draw on the same human resources to develop their thing, usually in the field of information, extension and inspection/certification.