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Koopmans, C.J. and M. Zanen. 2007. Organic Soil Management: Impacts on Yields, Soil Quality and Economics. In: 3 rd QLIF Congress. Hohenheim. 20-23 March 2007.

Number of pages: 4

Type of document: Conference Paper

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Chris J. Koopmans Ph.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Organic Soil Management: Impacts on Yields, Soil Quality and Economics

Abstract / summary in English:

Understanding organic management practices is a key in developing sustainable organic farming systems. We report the results of four different organic fertilization strategies in a field trial on yields, soil quality and economic performance. We found highest yields and economic performance in two direct plant feeding strategies. One of these strategies, a newly developed strategy based on biowaste compost (GFT) and an additional fertilizer performed well in terms of yields but looks also very promising in terms of soil quality and biodiversity. The economic perspective of this strategy renders it promising in regions with little animal manures.

Keywords in English: biodiversity, fertilization, nitrogen efficiency, organic farming, soil quality