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Louis Bolk Institute present at Ifoam Organic World Congress

Various projects of our researchers will be presented in Istanbul, Turkey, from 13-15 October 2014.


Researchers Chris Koopmans, Jan de Wit, Monique Bestman, Monique Hospers, Petra Rietberg and Nick van Eekeren of the Louis Bolk Institute will present their projects to a global audience of scientists, business people, organic farmers and policy makers. In their workshops they present, among others, the benefits of grassland mixtures, participatory development among organic Dutch farmers, (download publication in Dutch), on-farm breeding of double purpose chickens, closing phosphorus cycles in agriculture (read more about our project in nature areas), the introduction of trees in poultry farms and the development of organic saline crops in the Netherlands.

The IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC) only occurs every three years. It is the largest and most important meeting of the organic sector. The 2014 conference will have 3 themed tracks, The Main Track, The Scientific Track, and The Practitioners' Track as well as a series of Workshops.


Datum: 10-10-2014

 rijk grasland
Species diversity increases production and stability of grasslands