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New: Potato Breeding Manual

The secrets of successful breeding revealed. New manual available in English and Dutch.


The Potato Breeding Manual has been presented during the Potato Europe Exhibition in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, 11 and 12 September 2013.

During the international exhibition 'Potato Europe' on 11 and 12 September in Emmeloord, Bioimpuls in cooperation with publisher Aardappelwereld has presented the Potato Breeding Manual. In this manual the secrets of successful potato breeding are revealed. This book aims not only at potato breeders. It is a source of inspiration for everyone working in the potato chain. The book has been handed over on September 11, at 9.45 am to Kees van Arendonk, chair of the Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO).

Practice and science combined in one book

The Netherlands is the leading potato breeding country in the world. The annual turnover in potato production is € 1 billion. It is an honour for the Netherlands to publish the first practical manual, in which theory, scientific knowledge and especially the practice of potato breeding work are combined. Topics included are the history of potato breeding in the Netherlands, background information on genetics and heritability of traits in potato. Moreover, practical chapters on making crossings with or without wild potato relatives, and the selection of new clones are included. A special feature is the information on the systematic assessment of various traits, abundantly illustrated with colour pictures. Useful is also everything the farmer breeder needs to know about the inspection and the process of registrating new varieties.

Official handing over

This book has been handed over during the international exhibition Potato Europe in Emmeloord to Kees van Arendonk (the chair of the Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO)) at booth number B100 on Wednesday 11 September at 9.45 am.

Why this manual?

As part of the potato breeding project Bioimpuls a course for farmer breeders was initiated (2008-2013). The initial aim was to stimulate an organic potato growers and breeders network. To support this course a course manual was developed for organic farmer breeders. However, the interest from the conventional sector increased at the same time, which led to the idea to develop a general breeding manual. To breed for varieties adapted to organic agriculture a separate chapter deals about the priorities of traits important for organic production systems. Such a manual does not yet exist for the international potato sector, and that is why not only a Dutch version but also an English one has been produced.

About the potato breeding manual

This manual is especially meant for potato breeders, growers and advisors, but also for consumers interested in the background of varieties. It has been produced within the Bioimpuls project, and has been funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the programme Green Breeding. In the Bioimpuls project researchers from Louis Bolk Institute and Wageningen University closely collaborate with breeding companies and organic farmer breeders. For more information, please visit Bioimpuls website (in Dutch).

The Handbook, written by Edith Lammerts van Bueren and co-authors, can be ordered at Price: € 53,- incl VAT, excl shipping and handling. For more information please contact Edith Lammerts van Bueren.

About Louis Bolk Institute

Louis Bolk Institute is an international independent research institute to support really sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. Around 60 persons are actively involved from the headquarters Driebergen and Accra (Ghana). Important clients are the Ministry of Economic Affairs (incl Agriculture), regional governments, water boards and industry.  



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