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Integral food chain approach needed

The Scientific Council for Integral Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition advocates an "integral approach for a sustainable food chain". Sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition are often treated as separate issues, but this is not effective. A point in case is the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the livestock industry, which have already claimed victims and increasingly challenge hospital safety. At the press meeting in Utrecht, the Council has presented a report with recommendations and a research agenda. Many Dutch online and print media paid attention to the report, including Dagblad Trouw, Nieuwe Oogst and Ekoland.

Now the English translation of the report is available.


About the Council

Founded in 2010, the Council is an independent, interdisciplinary thinktank. Its Chair, Edith Lammerts van Bueren, and member Machteld Hubers are both senior researchers at the Louis Bolk Institute. Other members include Peter Blom (Triodos Bank), Klaas van Egmond (Utrecht University), Theo Jetten (Wageningen University), Ludwig Lauwers (University of Ghent), Ben van Ommen (TNO), Anton van Vilsteren (Nautilus organic farmers cooperative), Wouter van der Weijden (Centre for Agriculture and Environment), Herman Wijffels (Utrecht University) and Akke van der Zijpp (Wageningen University).

For more information please contact the Council's secretary, Theo Jetten (+31.317.48.36.87,, or visit the the Council's website  (in Dutch).

Datum: 02-04-2012