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Client case - Complementary medicine

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Client (2012):

Respondent: Hans Nijnens, Director of Weleda Nederland

Research projects (2000-2012):

Various studies on the efficacy of anthroposophical remedies, including in vitro laboratory tests and observational and clinical studies.
Positive effects of anthroposophical remedies have been shown in controlled clinical studies. For example, the anthroposophical remedy Citrus/Cydonia comp. has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of hay fever and to restore the immunologic balance in hay fever patients.

Main reason to choose the Louis Bolk Institute:

"The Louis Bolk Institute combines outstanding expertise in methodological research with experience in drug registration, and that's why we like working with them. They have a thorough knowledge of complementary and anthroposophical medicine. Their network of contacts with complementary therapists and physicians is impressive. Our collaboration is both fruitful and pleasant."

How has Weleda experienced the work of the Louis Bolk Institute?

"Weleda brings anthroposophical remedies onto the market. To get these remedies registered, we have to prove that they are effective. This requires thorough, top quality clinical trials.
I consider the Louis Bolk Institute a real business partner for Weleda. Their broad vision on health and their research methodology have persuaded me. Their systems approach to medicine ensures that they always view the efficacy of remedies or treatments in the context of overall health promotion for the patient."

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