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Stress reduction for women with breast cancer

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In the study 'Stress reduction in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer' (2012-2015) we are investigating the effect of a yoga-based stress reduction method on fatigue. This study is conducted in close collaboration with the St Jansdal Hospital and the Clyms institute for stress reduction in Harderwijk. For this project we have received financial support from the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Persistent fatigue during and after chemotherapy

Many women with breast cancer experience persistent fatigue during and after their chemotherapy. This fatigue can affect daily activities, work and social relationships, and may result in a lower quality of life. There are indications that relaxation and stress reduction exercises can help to reduce fatigue and anxiety. Furthermore, research has shown that exercise can help to reduce fatigue.

Comparing two treatment groups

Around one hundred women participate in this study. One half of them will follow a 12-week stress reduction programme in addition to receiving standard care. The other half will only receive standard care. We will compare the incidence and severity of fatigue between these two treatment groups. In addition, we will look at how the women handle stress and anxiety during chemotherapy, how they deal with side- effects, and how these effects influence their daily activities and quality of life. The results of this study will be published in scientific medical journals and on this website.

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