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Integrative Medicine: Healthcare innovation in Dutch hospitals

Integrative medicine focuses on prevention and providing a healing environment. Medical practitioners use Integrative Medicine techniques, such as guided visualizations, mindfulness, yoga and Tai Chi, in supplementary care programmes. The Louis Bolk Institute conducts research into the implementation and efficacy of these techniques for the treatment of pain, anxiety, stress and life style related illnesses.

Why research on Integrative Medicine?

Healthcare innovation is needed to meet the growing demand for quality care without further increasing healthcare costs. Integrative Medicine is an innovative care concept that is gaining ground particularly in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. Through clinical research on Integrative Medicine the Louis Bolk Institute contributes significantly to the further development and implementation of this innovative care concept in the Netherlands.

What is Integrative Medicine?

In contrast to mainstream health care, which focuses on symptoms and illness, Integrative Medicine focuses on patients' well-being. Integrative Medicine recognizes the importance of body-mind interactions. Medical practitioners actively apply their knowledge of these interactions in guiding prevention and recovery processes.

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