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Fragmented medical knowledge

Medical training has become highly specialized. Medical knowledge is taught in specialist modules that often do not overlap or look at wider contexts. As a result it is increasingly difficult for students, doctors and therapists to maintain a coherent overview of human health and disease.

Understanding interconnected processes

To promote an integrative approach to medical training the Louis Bolk Institute has published a series of medical handbooks known as the Bolk's Companions. Intended for students, doctors, medical specialists and therapists, the Bolk's Companions look at various disease processes within their wider contexts. The most recent issues deal with the healing process and the treatment of respiratory disorders.

A different way of looking

The Bolk's Companions invite medical students and practitioners to adopt a different view of health, pathology, and therapeutic strategies. They offer insight into integrative processes in the human body and human consciousness. The Bolk's Companions are used in complementary medicine courses of various university medical schools.
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