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Complementary medicine research

Pharmaceutical companies and health therapists are required by law to prove the efficacy of their medicines and therapies. This requirement also applies to the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM for short). Independent research is needed to establish whether medicines and therapies actually do what they promise.

Assessing the efficacy of CAM through clinical trials

Patients and physicians using homeopathic, anthroposophic or natural remedies would benefit if the efficacy of these medicines and therapies is scientifically proven ('evidence based'). These CAM remedies are used more and more often, particularly by patients wishing to be more actively involved in their own healing process. Thanks to our longstanding expertise in complementary medicine the Louis Bolk Institute is commissioned to conduct independent clinical trials on CAM remedies. We work according to international GCP and ICH guidelines.

Concept and methodology development

The Louis Bolk Institute also develops measuring instruments, methodologies and concepts for monitoring therapeutic progress, for example in primary health care, drug addiction care and psychiatric care. Our particular aim is to assess whether therapies can be tailored to individual treatment needs, and how they contribute to health and well-being. This way we provide our clients with a solid basis for their treatment programmes.

Clients and cases Hans Nijnens, Weleda, Martine Busch, Van Praag Institute and Bernadette Krom, VSM about the Louis Bolk Institute.
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