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Client: Arnhem Housing Cooperation

Respondent: Christel Hoogland, manager Social Development

Research project: Lively garden


Form: Assessment of the set up of a community garden in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Arnhem. In collaboration with: Arnhem Housing Cooperation and others. Aim: Verify if a community garden promotes a healthy lifestyle and social cohesion in the neighbourhood. Results: The garden has increased social cohesion. The women have also gained more confidence in their neighbourhood. Beforehand they thought that the garden would be vandalised in no time. The fact that it has worked out so well has really boosted their morale. 

Main reason to choose the Louis Bolk Institute:

Christel Hoogland: "The collaboration with the Louis Bolk Institute allowed us to objectively assess the effects of the Bruistuin project." 

What is the Arnhem Housing Cooperations' opinion of the Louis Bolk Institute?

"In addition to conducting a study, the researchers contributed valuable ideas and vision. The ideas of the project team on greening the neighbourhood and involving the residents in the garden design process were innovative and creative. Thanks to this participatory approach, the residents have developed a sense of ownership of the garden, and are taking pride in the results."

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Christel Hoogland, partner of the Louis Bolk Institute in the Lively garden project