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Client case - Plant breeding

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Client (2012):

Vitalis Organic Seeds, part of Enza Zaden the Netherlands
Respondent: Mr Jan Velema, Director of Vitalis

Research project:

Increasing organic seed production for the Dutch market. More specifically: Various plant breeding projects on organic seed production for leaf vegetables, tuberous and root crops, and fruit crops.
Project results: "The Louis Bolk Institute has succeeded in developing organic seed material for a large number of crops. They have also done pioneering work for the organic sector, in terms of legislation, market development, and extension."

Main reason to choose the Louis Bolk Institute:

"When we started our company in 1994, organic seed was hard to come by. The Louis Bolk Institute was the only research organisation working specifically for the organic sector. Ever since we started working together more than 15 years ago, I have been happy with our collaboration."

What is Vitalis' opinion of the Louis Bolk Institute?

"Without the Plant Breeding Team of the Louis Bolk Institute, Vitalis would never have been able to achieve its ambitions. The beauty of the Louis Bolk Institute is their practical and tangible contribution towards the development of the organic sector/ is that their work on organic production chains is rooted in practice. They are passionate about organic. They are also able to bring together farmers, businesses and governmental organisations, and really make them work together. As an international company we are also pleased that the Louis Bolk Institute now operates internationally. As a business partner they have grown along with us."

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