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Why the Louis Bolk Institute

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What our clients think of us

Toine Heijmans, Agrifirm Feed:

"The strength of the Louis Bolk lnstitute is that they know exactly what farmers want and need. Together we can reach a higher level. Thanks to the fact that we do this research really together, our forage specialists and dairy farmers are becoming more enthusiastic every day."  Read more

Jan Lamers, PPO Lelystad (part of Wageningen UR):

"This partnership enables us to study soil disease suppressiveness from different angles: our experience is focused on conventional production, whereas the Louis Bolk lnstitute brings in expertise on organic agriculture. This enabled us to get the whole picture, and to draw more comprehensive conclusions than had we worked alone."  Read more

Christel Hoogland, Arnhem Housing Cooperation:

"The collaboration with the Louis Bolk Institute was energetic and organic. Although we had set a clear goal on the horizon, the road towards it had not been fixed beforehand. This allowed us to move along with what came across our paths, which made the project incredibly fun."
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Frank Klaassen, GGD of South-Limburg:

"The Louis Bolk lnstitute bridges the gap between science and societal change. You don't see that often. 'Positive Health' is definitely not a hype; it is a future-proof and sustainable concept. lt is also groundbreaking, in the sense that it helps to open previously closed doors."
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Ruud van Nieuwenhuijze, Brabant Water Company:

"By working together we can develop much better solutions. The Louis Bolk lnstitute is able to apply an integrated approach, and looks at interrelationships."  Read more