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The integration of agriculture and tree production is a promising option for farmers, environment and biodiversity. We are currently investigating which combinations of trees, shrubs and livestock are most effective.

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Low crop diversity makes food production more vulnerable to stress such as climate change. That is why we started the Diversifood project: more agricultural diversity leads to more robust and stable systems.

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More than 250 dairy farmers in the Dutch province of Gelderland are participating in the project Vruchtbare Kringloop ["The fruits of nutrient cycling"] (2013-2015) to improve nutrient use efficiency and reduce nutrient losses to surface and groundwater.

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Ilse Geijzendorffer new CEO

On the first of January 2021 Ilse Geijzendorffer will become director of the Louis Bolk Institute. The institute is looking forward to her arrival and the contribution she can make, together with the employees and the various stakeholders, to sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health.